The multidimensionality of poverty: Time poverty in Spain

Margarita Vega-Rapun, Mónica Domínguez-Serrano, Lina Gálvez-Muñoz

time poverty, gender, wellbeing, Spanish Time Use Survey 2009-2010

In the last few years the concept of poverty has evolved from simply being a measure of income poverty to a multidimensional measure that takes into consideration essential aspects for the attainment of certain levels of wellbeing. This paper assesses how the incorporation of time can contribute to the measurement of poverty. To this end, we reviewed the time poverty literature and focused on the Spanish case. We use the Spanish Time-Use Survey 2009-2010 to analyse time poverty in Spain, and estimate a probit model to assess the probability of being time poor in Spain and identify key factors associated with time poverty in Spain.